Please contact the Center for Design Research:

1. If you are interested in donating to the CDR

  • If you are not a corporation but believe the CDR is something you wish to support, we are pleased to accept individual contributions. Donations to support the work of the Center for Design Research can be made to KU Endowment and written in and specific way you wish the funding to be directed towards.

2. If you are interested in conducting an industry sponsored project.

  • Working with faculty and students, classroom sponsorship can promote innovative “blue sky” topics, or potential areas of development for industry. This can include any of our major disciplines including: graphics, industrial design, interior/environmental, photomedia, interaction and design management graduate programs and architecture together with interdisciplinary engagements of other Schools such as engineering, business, etc. is within this framework. This is true R&D in an academic environment and not intended to be work for hire.

3. For scheduling the facility for a meeting/presentation/conference, etc.

4. For more general information about the Center for Design Research.

5. For Studio 804 sustainable building information PDF.

Gregory Thomas
Professor | Design
Director, Center for Design Research
School of Architecture, Design & Planning
University of Kansas

Telephone at the CDR is: 785.864.2429

The Center is currently shown by appointment only. Please continue to check this site to find hours/days of operation open to the public.



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